I Love You Too


Exhibition: `I LOVE YOU TOO.`


Opening Date: 1th February 2024, 06:00 pm – 09.00 pm

Closing Date: 18th February 2024

Artist: Oliver James Davies

Excited to announce Oliver James Davies’ first solo show, ‘I LOVE YOU TOO.’ 

Join us on Feb 1st, 6-9 pm, as love, music, and creativity collide on our local gallery walls. 
Oliver James Davies

Introducing Oliver James Davies, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Hackney. In his first solo art exhibition “I LOVE YOU TOO”, the title is in response to a person telling someone “I love you”.

Oliver wants to open up the dialogue that can be shared between two people with love notes and song lyrics. Each piece has been selected from a comprehensive list that Oliver has been compiling over the past couple of years. The walls around you come to life as you witness the intricate beauty of screenprints and hand-painted lettering. Prepare to be immersed in Oliver James Davies’ art, where love, music and creativity intertwine. 
Oliver’s previous works have been murals seen at the Hackney Bumps skate park, including his first for Vans. Beyond the skate park, his works have also found homes in various coffee shops, including the renowned Millfields Coffee and Paper Cup, in Shoreditch. Oliver has recently sold art to collectors in Austin, Texas and Mexico.


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