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Bespoke Framing

custom frame shop in Hackney
Custom frame shop in Hackney


Frame Profile

The selection of the frame profile is the first step in the framing process. We'll assist you in finding the perfect match for your artwork.

Flat bespoke framing

Flat Frame

Floated white box frame

Box Frame

Box frame

Tray Frame / Canvas Frame

Frame Finishes

We offer a wide variety of frame finishes to accommodate the diverse preferences of our clients and their artworks. These include sprayed, hand-stained, naturally waxed, and painted options, along with several pre-finished styles.

artwork with Custom frame

Pre-Finished Frames

custom frame service in London

Hand Finished Frames


Mountboard is a crucial component for presenting and preserving framed artworks.

Black bespoke framing


window mounted bespoke frame

Window Mount

Floated white box frame

Floated Mount / Flat Floated Mount

Raised floated box frame

Raised Floated Mount

Bespoke oak frame
bespoke box frame
Standard Glass Art Glass UV99 Glass Art Glass UV92 Glass

Art Glass AR70 Glass

Museum Glass / Art Glass AR99 WW
UV Protection %40 % 99 %92 %70 % 99
Reflection % 8 % 8 % 1 % 1  % 1
Transmission - %89 %99 %99  % 98
Price  £ £££ £££ ££££ £££££


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artwork with Custom frame


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