A Poetic Journey of Textures

In Iclal Erenturk Gucsav's paintings, the massiveness and voluminous appearance highlight the sculptural attitude. She literally dances with shapes and forms. When everything changes and transforms, the perception of difference makes itself felt. The combination of the stain attitude with color and sometimes form further strengthens the formation. The artist creates the effect of gravure printing technique in some of her designs, and the scratching effects enable the emergence of very meaningful textures in the pictorial sense. The achieved harmony creates original and free spaces and is reflected in the works in the most refined way.

In one of her articles, Artist Iclal Erenturk Gucsav defines her works as follows: "Reshaping by transforming forms and forms, and their integration with colors and color fields, excites me every time. The different effects of new effects require me to re-experience visuality. This is renewal itself. I love exploring in my pictorial journey."

The Voyage exhibition talks about exactly this artistic journey. The artist's works from different periods, her different emotions and excitements came together with a selection composition and set out on a journey. While some of them previously met with audiences in different parts of the world, they are now meeting with art lovers in London. The exhibition invites everyone who encounters the works to a pleasant journey through the depth of the forms and the emotions created by the works.

You can visit the exhibition online via the virtual tour below.

Iclal Erenturk Gucsav

In 1969 She was born in İstanbul. In 1989 She entered to Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts. She studied in the workshop of Özer Kabaş. In 1992 She continued her artistic work in Prof. Kemal Bilensoy – Fresco Workshop. In 1993 She studied in Prof. Asım İşler – Engraving Workshop. 1994 She graduated from MSU, Faculty of Fine Arts, Özer Kabaş Workshop with the best graduation certificate degree and the second highest degree of the department. At the same year, she won "Sakıp Sabancı Art Award." The artist has been interested in poetry for many years. She has a honour`s mention in "Eskişehir I. International Poetry Competition" In 1994-1996 She was the editor of Yeni Günaydın Newspaper Culture&Arts page. She organised numerous reports, articles and news in that field. In 1996-1997 She was the coordinater and the announcer of the radio programs "Sanat Çekmecesi" and "Kitaba Dair" in (95.3 Radio Foreks) During this period, she attracted the interest of many listeners. The artist is continuing her artistic works and participating exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Also, her works can be found at private collectios.

Artworks From The Last Exhibition